3012 Butterfield Court
Lafayette, IN 47909

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Enjoy life in the relaxing environment of Butterfield Court. This house is located in a quiet neighborhood four miles south of the Purdue campus. The vaulted ceilings and wide open living areas give this house a spacious feeling while a fireplace and covered back porch offer a chance to unwind after a long day. An attached garage offers convenience and also on-site parking for guests. As you enjoy your stay, we maintain the lawns and landscaping surrounding the house.

Butterfield Floorplans

900 sq ft
Sold Out!


No. Butterfield is actually a ranch-style duplex, complete with an attached garage and back yard!

Your own washer and dryer are included at Butterfield, so you can do your laundry at any time, day or night, without paying extra.

Yes, pets are allowed at Butterfield, at the discretion of management

Located Lafayette