250 S. Salisbury Street
West Lafayette, IN 47906

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250 S. Salisbury is one of the greatest examples of apartments with character - and within walking-distance, too! These five single-bed apartments have plenty of space, private parking, a private backyard, and an affordable rate others will be difficult to beat.

Aberdeen Floorplans

360 sq ft
Sold Out!
345 sq ft Available
Aug 2019
Vintage Style $650 per bed
360 sq ft Available
Aug 2019
Top Floor! $660 per bed
360 sq ft Available
Aug 2019
$670 per bed
500 sq ft Available
Aug 2019
Private Patio! $850 per bed


Aberdeen is five unique apartments. This property has four one bedroom apartments and one spacious studio.

Aberdeen has free parking in its wide driveway. As long as tenants work together to coordinate parking, there is space for everyone who lives there.

Located On Campus